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GFCI Testing 

The only reliable way to check an older GFCI is to use a circuit tester that has its own GFCI test button. The GFCI tester will also detect reverse polarity, open gound, open hot, open neutral as well. 

4k High Res Drone 

We offer a high resolution drone roof inspection where we can take a better glance at the roof in certain cases where its hard to get to . Multiple shots are taken to get the best assessment of whats going on up there... These images are included the final home inspection report.

Moisture Meter

We use high tech moisture meters to test when there is suspected wood rot or damage. This can help in determining if there is a latent defect that needs to be called out at the time of inspection. 

Remote Terrain Vehicle

In rare cases if we cannot get to a certain area of the inspection , we have the ability to use our All Terrain RC Inspection Vehicle. This vehicle has the uncanny ability to shoot 4k video in tight areas such as attic spaces or crawl spaces to get a better idea of what's going on. 

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